Agnes Scott goes to the Auction!

Last weekend, Agnes Scott Art Department students and faculty attended the Art Papers Auction at Mason Murer gallery, an event hosting the works of many local artists. Recently, a new tradition, established by Agnes students and faculty, is for the students to buy a work of art as a gift, their senior investiture to the college. Students researched the art at the auction before attending the auction but came prepared to be open-minded. Agnes alumni joined the students and faculty and weighed in on the pieces the students liked. Intellectual debate, aesthetics, and the consideration of the collection all came into play. The Art Department provided the students with a list of questions to consider before buying a work of art. Students took into consideration several factors including: the artist, medium, content, and the work’s place in the Agnes Scott art collection.

The auction was packed with people, and it would have been quite easy to lose fellow Scotties without Agnes Scott’s signature accessory: the peacock feather. Some wore the feather in their hair, creating a sight of bobbing peacock feathers above the heads of many. At the end of the night, the students decided to hold off and further research some of the artists from the show before committing to a piece. The students and faculty plan to attend an artist talk this weekend in hopes of getting closer to making a purchase for Agnes Scott’s permanent collection. Next year, when at the Art Papers Auction, look for the bouncing peacock feathers above the sea of pleased artists and art patrons, and there you will find a Scottie with an opinion.


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