Flash Mob

Have you ever seen a flash mob video on YouTube and secretly wished that one day you could dance in a flash mob? That wish came true for Studio Dance Theatre members.

Several times a year the High Museum of Art hosts College Nights. College students, with the help of their student IDs, get into the museum for a discounted rate. In addition to experiencing the breathtaking exhibit, the High provides food, fun hands-on activities, and live music to make the evening even more special. Dance Truck, a portable and unique venue that brings dance to new places, hosted a dance party at the January 28 College Night and asked Studio Dance Theatre to surprise the dance party crowd with a flash mob. Once the dance floor was filled with people, DJ Santiago Paramo played a special song and SDT dancers gradually fed in until 25 dancers had broken apart the crowd to perform a choreographed dance! Emory and Spelman dancers also sporadically performed throughout the night.

Check out the pictures and YouTube video of our on campus dance company performing at the High Museum! Thanks to everyone who came out!

Photo credit Gala Cude

Photo credit Bobbi Jo Brooks Photography


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