Reading Dance–Labanotation

Did you know that dance has a language? That if you wanted to sit down and read dance movement, you could? This language is called Labanotation. Labanotation is a way of notating and preserving movement so that one is able to pass information down from one generation to another without losing knowledge of the movement or meaning of the dance.

Click here to learn more about Labanotation, where it came from, and what it has to potential to do for the dance world.

Two senior Dance majors and Studio Dance Theatre members, Emily Moore and Bhumi Patel, read and set movement from two classical ballet Labanotation scores this semester as part of their Senior Seminar. The two variations are from famous ballets choreographed my Marius Petipa, Sleeping Beauty and La Bayadere. Olivia Bello, a sophomore Studio Dance Theatre member, will be performing the Aurora Act. 1 variation from Sleeping Beauty that has been set by Emily Moore. Bhumi Patel has set the La Bayadere Kingdom of Shades variations on Emily Moore. These variations received approval from the Dance Notation Bureau to be performed in Studio Dance Theatre’s fall semester performance of Danceworks.

More information about Danceworks will be in next Monday’s article. Be sure to check it out!


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