The Three Musketeers Review

The spellbinding action film of 2011 has arrived–The Three Musketeers. This movie features a stellar cast that includes Mila Jovovich (the lead in the Resident Evil films), as a deceptive spy, Orlando Bloom as an impassioned villian, and  Logan Lerman as a training Musketeer. The ensemble cast supporting the leads is as brilliant as the story itself and is a reflection of the genius UK actors often exhibit in the silver screen.

The script of the film is far better than most adapted novels and far outdoes the likes of the recent plague of Robin Hood movies and fantasy-dramas. With a script full of wit and humor, this film is a very rare combination of exceptional cinematography and stunt effects combined with an excellent dialogue and plot.  The special effects and action sequences of the film are also noteworthy, and seem to be somewhere between the level of James Bond films and Matrix movies. Most of these special effects occur within intricate fencing sequences that would outdo in technicality and imagination any past fencing film.

The costume designs throughout the movie are breathtaking. While most movies featuring French gentry and royalty of the Renaissance Era usually feature many ornate dresses and other beautiful styles of clothing, this movie’s costume designer not only dresses the actors adequately but also sets a new standard for creating clothing so visually commanding that the costumes seem as carefully-created as the sets themselves.

Although the film seems to be a novelty of screen writing, costume design, special effects, and casting selection, the editing of the movie adds to the story as well and adds complexity to the stunt scenes and depth throughout the entire plot of the film.

The only critique I can offer of this film is the borderline-cliche aspects of some of the jokes within this movie. However, these are few and far between and do not really distract from the movie and are often funny given the context despite their preeminence.

So, Agnes Scott students, if you are looking for a movie that features incredible fencing, original writing, and cutting-edge cinematography, I have one suggestion: The Three Musketeers.

AND if you are still hungry after watching this movie for more incredible funny, dramatic, and entertaining story-telling, please check out these awesome books:

1. Across the Wall, by Garth Nix, featuring a hilarious Three Musketeers role-playing game among other interesting fantasy stories.

2. The Princess Bride, by William Goldman, possibly one of the best books of all time.


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