St. Jude’s Fundraiser

Creative Opportunity to Support St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital!

This is a call for artists to submit their design, photo, or art to this organization with a $1 fee to have the chance to be approved to be a part of a one million square inch quilt of pictures that will represent “one million square inches of love” for these children suffering from disease. If they reach their goal of one million submissions, they will have raised $500,000 dollars for St. Judes Hospital! Please submit!

The Details:

Make your personalized mark on the Square Inches of Love project and, be part of a collective contribution to a great organization! Share your Design, Art, Photo, Brand Logo, Message of Hope, or simply choose to use the default Squares.

By December 31st, 2011, with everyone’s submissions, together we will have achieved 1000 x 1000 Square Inches of Love, virtually, that will then be transformed into a custom-printed, interactive Quilt as a warm symbol of our love & support for brave lil’ souls suffering from catastrophic diseases. A gigantic ONE MILLION SQUARE INCH Quilt! Over 83 square feet – over 25 square meters!!! In addition to creating the Quilt:


Showcase your creativity!!
Submit your work either through our normal submission OR
participate in our “out-of-the-box” competition!”
To participate please visit:

Image courtesy of


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