College Night at the High Museum of Art

The Fine Arts Society went to College Night at the High Museum of Art on September 10.  There were many special features for college students during the evening including a craft opportunity.  Old cigar boxes were provided for students to paint and decorate to create memory boxes in honor of Radcliff Bailey’s artistic style.  See more about Radcliff Bailey here:

There were also several musical shows during the night featuring hip-hop artists from Atlanta.  Later in the evening, a pop and rock band from Atlanta performed to a pulsating crowd of over 200 students.  Students also enjoyed two step-team performances from GA State dancers.

The highlight of the night was the incredible art collection of the High Museum.  European paintings dating as early as the fourteenth century, biblical and mythological sculptures, and also modern art filled the gallery with breathtaking images. The works projected a historical aura as well as demonstrated the genius of some masters of painting and sculpture from the past millennium.

A special perk students took advantage of was a membership discount to the High Museum also offered during the night!  Students bought $15 dollar seasonal memberships to the museum, saving twenty dollars! As a Picasso and Andy Warhol will soon be on display, the Fine Arts Society will be returning to view this very unique exhibit at the High Museum of Art that starts on October 16.

Image courtesy of The High Museum.


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