“Finale: A Year of Work by Agnes Scott College Art Students” opens this Friday, April 15th, in the Dalton Art Gallery at 2:00 PM! This year’s show is particularly large and showcases around 100 students, according to Gallery Director Lisa Alembik. This exhibition, organized by Lisa Alembik and her “dream team “of student workers, shows off the student talent from the past year. There is a diverse range of projects, including self-portraits, sculptures, mixed media, drawings, videos, and more. Paintings in this exhibition seem to be particularly strong, which may be accredited to the rising number of visiting guest painters in Agnes art classes. Also, Nell Ruby changed the Antonym Project to include digital media. There will also be a computer, which will be linked to students’ blogs. On a similar note, the new website for the Art Department launches today, Thursday April 13th, which will contain a link to your favorite blog, Creative Agnes.

Lisa Alembik fondly recalled having her own work on display when she was a student, so she knows exactly how important it is for an artist to have the support system that an exhibition such as this provides. She notes that it is also important for many Art History students to have their works shown at this exhibition, since many Art History students go on to become artists and may realize that they enjoy the artistic, rather than the art historic, elements of an exhibition. The work this year is displayed in a gallery style, which is important for students who wish to have their work seen in a professional setting. Many students this year also had the opportunity to hang their own works, which is skill that will benefit them in their future art careers. In another project, organized by Julia Lutgendorf, there will be an exhibition of the art of Agnes Scott Alumnae called “Revive” will be at Yay! Studio and will open on April 16th from 4-9 PM.

Overall Lisa Alembik describes the tone of this year’s student exhibition to be, “joyous, positive, grounded, and intense.”


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