Photos from dress rehearsal of Spring Forward

Members of Studio Dance Theatre spent the semester in rehearsals in preparation for Spring Forward: A Celebration of Dance which showed April 8, 9, and 10 (thanks for those of you who came out to support us!). My dad, John Martin, and SDT member Rebecca Cross took some amazing photos of our dress rehearsal.

Christian Clark, a dancer at Altanta Ballet, set this work, Elegie, on SDT in January.

Dancers in arabesque

dancers reaching offstage

2 dancers reach for each other

Next was First Cause choreographed by Caroline Martin

dancer looks at her hands

We had another student work, Awakening Barriers, choreographed by senior Stephanie Cureton

After a short pause for quick changes we moved into Bridget Roosa’s new work Beautiful Bird

We closed the show with a work from the 1930’s choreographed by Doris Humphrey and brought back through Laban score by Bridget Roosa

And finally, some down time

Take a bow, Studio Dance Theatre, for an awesome performance weekend!


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