American College Dance Festival


This weekend eleven members of Studio Dance Theatre will depart Agnes Scott in a giant van for Tallahassee. We will be attending the American College Dance Festival, or ACDFA, and I couldn’t be more excited. The American College Dance Festival provides students and faculty the opportunity to engage in three days of performances, workshops, and master classes taught by instructors from all over the region. In addition, students and faculty have the opportunity to have their works adjudicated by nationally recognized dance professionals. This is where Agnes Scott makes our mark as a strong Dance Department, with professional dancers and exemplary faculty.

Each year Studio Dance Theatre selects a work from Danceworks be performed at the Conference. This is a great opportunity for students in the Dance Department, because we are able to improve ourselves based on the comments that we receive.

In addition, students have the opportunity to take a variety of classes throughout the conference. Some classes from years past include: Ballet, Modern, Horton Modern, Contact Improvisation, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip-hop, Tap, Argentine Tango and Lighting Design for Dance. Most classes are movement based but you do have the opportunity to take lecture-based classes as well.

This year we’ll be taking Shakers, a work choreographed by Doris Humphrey and set from the Labanotation score (see Labanotation entry) by Bridget Roosa. This is very exciting for all of us who have worked on this piece because Doris Humphrey is such an influential figure in dance history. She is a modern dance pioneer that developed her own school, and codified a technique for modern dancers at her school to learn. As students, being exposed to Humphrey’s technique through repertoire was a struggle, but incredibly exciting when we finally achieved the movement in the ways that it was notated. After our performance we’ll receive anonymous feedback from the panel of adjudicators who watched our piece.

Studio Dance Theatre takes off this Friday and will be at the conference through Tuesday. If you see a dancer on campus wish them merde as we’re off on this journey!

Be on the look out for a video-log next week documenting our travels!

by Bhumi Patel, junior dance major

2009 Trip to ACDFA


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