Showcasing Student Choreography

Every semester, Studio Dance Theatre, under the direction of Bridget Roosa, puts countless rehearsal hours into a production performed in our own Gaines Chapel. Danceworks, our fall shows, and Spring Forward: A Celebration of Dance, our spring shows showcase work from a variety of choreographers leading to a versatile experience for the audience and new opportunities for the dancers. My sophomore year (Fall 2008) we began the Dance And Dine series. This informal performance is not only a great way for us to strut our stuff to the rest of campus but is also a way for students to have their work shown in our semester concert. Dance and Dine is adjudicated by a panel of judges and the highest ranked piece is chosen to perform in the semester show. But the most important aspect of this is that all the works are choreographed by your fellow Scotties. This is our opportunity to explore, create, mess up, have fun, experiment and work hard without the boundaries that normally come along with Studio Dance Theatre rehearsals or choreography class. On top of scheduled rehearsal hours, student choreographers somehow find time and energy to squeeze in a few extra hours with their dancers for this show.

Want to know more about this experience? Come to Evans this Friday the 25 from 12-1 for this semester’s Dance And Dine. This will be our biggest performance to date and this semester is even cooler because two pieces will be chosen for Spring Forward.

SDT member Christiane Jones put together this video of highlights from last semester’s show. Check out the choreography of Chandler Converse, Stephanie Cureton, Caroline Martin, Bhumi Patel, Suzy Stuckey Lee Taylor, and Stephanie Tirado. This Friday we have many of the same choreographers presenting all new works and some new faces as well.


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